Dentistry Researcher Drilled Over Discovering Public FTP Server

Dentistry enthusiast and amateur security researcher Justin Shafer is the latest casualty in the Government war on persons who speak out on web insecurity. Shafer discovered a flaw in dental record software which led to the discovery of a public FTP server that contained a trove of unsecured patient dental records. (archived) Despite the responsible disclosure of his discoveries, Shafer's home was raided by FBI agents on Tuesday on behalf of the software maker's parent company Patterson Dental. The company is claiming he “exceeded authorized access” in accessing its FTP server as defined under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. A seized property list indicates that federal agents took 29 items from Shafer's home including dental magazines. While Preet Bharara is likely foaming at the mouth at the possibility of prosecuting the case, the government has yet to formally charge Mr. Shafer.

One thought on “Dentistry Researcher Drilled Over Discovering Public FTP Server

  1. This sort of government response is what makes punishing the innocent a necessary weapon. You can't let the niggers be the only ones to use it.

    Therefore – next time you find something like this, donate it to the identity thieves / carders / etc.

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