Countable ClassicCoin Nodes Dropping

Supporters of the failed "Bitcoin Classic" fork are likely feeling dismay as they awoke to the news that Classic node count was down over 40% in the last 24 hours. Reddit users supportive of Classic blamed the fallen node count on "unreachable servers" and other technical maladies, and are likely to spin up another thousand AWS nodes as a token show of support.

2 thoughts on “Countable ClassicCoin Nodes Dropping

  1. 40% of classic nodes were hosted on Classic Cloud a service that takes BTC converts it to fiat and spins up an AWS node based on some price formula that keeps the node live for X amount of time. This being an easy service to use, along with the rampant miseducation of the Classic supporters' demographic, it became highly popular. Some would say Classic supporters are irresponsible and unreliable.

    Classic Cloud is currently down, possibly as part of an exit scam. (Irony at it's finest. If a bunch of stupid people are going to centralize why not scam them?). In result those 40% of nodes disappeared overnight. Although humorous, this serves as a microcosmic example of what happens when centralization pressure forces nodes into a datacenter, the exact scenario of which everyone was warned about several times.

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