Bitcoin Fork "Core" Plans To "Open Up" Contribution Process

The "Core" fork of the reference Bitcoin client plans to open up their development process in order to solicit changes from parties uninterested in technology. The move is supposedly inspired by the ClassicCoin coup attempt as developers of the "Core" client prepare their own "CoreCoin" coup attempt. As other hostile social engineers did before, they will attempt to move value from actual Bitcoin to their altcoin by fraudulently misrepresenting their effort as some sort of "natural evolution" or enhancement of Bitcoin.

Unlike the ClassicCoin team this different merry brand of fraudsters will lean on their history of conning the mining cartel1 into enforcing various option "soft forks" unrelated to the actual Bitcoin protocol as a sort of magical token of legitimacy. Nevertheless their claims of "stewardship" over Bitcoin have still less basis in fact than the Australian Fraudster Hoaxtoshi's claims of having created Bitcoin.

The "CoreCoin" team has not yet publically made any content containing statements on what they will bring to the table actually justifying the grave move to hard fork Bitcoin deferring to their need, like Gavin did, to do it so people know it can be done.


  1. The fact that the CoreCoin developers and leaders of the major mining pools have gathered together and entered into contracts together is prima facie evidence that "Yes Virginia, there is a mining cartel."  

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Fork "Core" Plans To "Open Up" Contribution Process

  1. There's not much fact in this article, if any.

    Core doesn't want to hard fork (though they do want to soft fork a lot), the only reason any of them are mentioning it currently is that they made an agreement in Hong Kong to code up what the 2MB fork would look like as a concession to get Chinese miners to tell Classic to fuck off.

    Now that Luke has to actually do the work, he's looking for outs in all the wrong places. Meanwhile, P Todd is saying, well if we're playing hard fork fantasy games, let's think of all the things we could jam into the deal, like fucking with miners that use patented tech.

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