The Parting Of ChangeTip Continues

Micro payment service ChangeTip continues to exhibit spasmodic death throes as it announced that users will be required to contact support if they wish to tip amounts in excess of 25 USD. Last week Qntra reported that the service itself is still seeking a buyer after the majority of it's employees were snapped up by AirBNB. ChangeTip support is limiting user deposits to $100 Users of the "service" still seem to be unaware that one can simply send any amount of Bitcoin desired to a person's public address without limits or incurring additional fees.

One thought on “The Parting Of ChangeTip Continues

  1. This has been going for a long time. I don't even recall a time when the $25/$100 tip limit "to protect you from your own stupidity" wasn't there. Same goes for deposit limits, which have been there for over an year, afik. I don't know whether they did some changes to the limits recently, but essentially, this is the turd they've always been.

    "The good news is that you can raise the deposit amount by connecting more social accounts." xD

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