Senior Swindler Sentenced

The Florida Sun-Sentinial reports that a Canadian man was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for swindling seniors out of nearly $1 million in funds, some of which were converted to Bitcoin in an attempt to make hiding them easier.(archived). Stephan Moskwyn pled guilty to a money laundering charge at a federal courthouse in Miami. The scheme involved social engineering tactics on Seniors and vulnerable people, often requesting the person send Bitcoin or Moneypaks to assist a relative in financial trouble. Moskwyn was arrested in a Miami International Airport terminal in October of 2015.

A search revealed no Mr. Moskwyn in The Most Serene Republic's Web of Trust.

3 thoughts on “Senior Swindler Sentenced

  1. Pretty misleading article as from reading the linked source it seems the man was not actually running the scam
    but only "laundering the money" for the actual scammers.

  2. Actually they were instructing them to pay in MoneyPak. There was a 'bitcoin exchanger' in Florida who would then process the MoneyPak codes by loading them onto prepaid debit cards. The fee for the cleaning of the dirty USD ranged from 20-25% and the exchanger would pay the fraudsters their share in Bitcoin.

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