Phuctor, the RSA Super-Collider Discovers Vulnerability in Northrop Grumman PGP Root-CA

Phuctor, a public service provided by No Such lAbs has discovered a vulnerability in the Northrop Grumman PGP Root Certificate authority. The public exponent is 16385 a number which is not prime. In fact 16385 has prime factors of 5, 29, and 113. Shame on your Northrop Grumman. Bad defense contractor. Now that Phuctor has returned more lulz are sure to follow. Peace in our time!

Bharara Arrests Another Murgio Over

EvilA spokesperson for the office of Avatar of Injustice Preet Bharara announced the arrest of Michael Murgio on Thursday. The FBI arrested Mr. Murgio in Palm Beach, Fla. on charges of participating in a scheme to allow Bitcoin exchange to take control of a local credit union. Along with his son, Murgio was on of three people named in a indictment regarding the scheme. Prosecutors allege that the defendants hacked into at least a dozen companies' computer networks and stole personal information of 100 million people. A report in Fortune magazine stated that while Murgio was not involved in any of the hacking offenses, he was responsible for the daily operations of and paid bribes amounting to $150,000 to the chairman of the credit union in order to help the exchange appear legitimate (archived).

BitBet Settlement Transaction Broadcast And Confirmed

Today BitBet receiver David Francois signed and broadcast the transaction settling BitBet's outstanding affairs and the transaction was swiftly confirmed. The transaction


was confirmed a block height 408158. Further the BitBet auction winner has received the concern's non-cash assets though they do not appear to have put them to active use at this time. The raw transaction is presented below in the native hex format and decoded: Continue reading

"Spring Into Money" Exchange Hacking Event Continues

The 2016 Spring Into Money exchange hacking even continues, as Chilean Bitcoin exchange Yaykuy reports on their website that "we can not attend to you at the moment" due to a server breach that they are still investigating. (archived) The extent of the attack remains unknown at this time, although the announcement states that no user data was compromised and that further updates would be communicated through the exchange's social media accounts.

Apple Keeps OSX Users Stuck On Vulnerable Git Version

For people wondering how the FBI can get in the iPhone's panties without Apple's permission1 researcher named Rachel Kroll has found a code execution bug in OSX inherited through a vulnerable version of Git (archived). Actual Macintosh computer operating systems including versions 5 through 9 are unaffected by this vulnerability and the historical Apple Computer company which produced that software never fraudulently offered invulnerability from attacks involving physical possession of the device as a selling point of the Newton. Kroll's discovery is likely one of many severe vulnerabilities introduced in "Apple" software since the historical Apple Computer company ceased making software for computing machines. Git 'er done!

  1. Though the entire discussion was a social engineering farce.  

The Parting Of ChangeTip Continues

Micro payment service ChangeTip continues to exhibit spasmodic death throes as it announced that users will be required to contact support if they wish to tip amounts in excess of 25 USD. Last week Qntra reported that the service itself is still seeking a buyer after the majority of it's employees were snapped up by AirBNB. ChangeTip support is limiting user deposits to $100 Users of the "service" still seem to be unaware that one can simply send any amount of Bitcoin desired to a person's public address without limits or incurring additional fees.

Darknet Market Nucleus Offline

Popular darknet market Nucleus has been offline for nearly a week, leading many users to speculate that yet another exit scam is in the works. The market was holding roughly 5,000 BTC in deposits for vendors and users. No message from /u/nucleusmarket has been forthcoming on reddit's r/darknetmarkets sub which seems to be the preferred meeting place on clearnet for users of such marketplaces.

FAA Declares Up To 20 Years In Prison For Self Defense Against Drones #DroneLivesMatter

A "magazine" published by the Washington Post is reporting that the United States Federal Aviation Administration has determined the act of shooting down a drone is a felony under rules in 18 USC. 32 against damaging or destroying aircraft. The FAA is advancing this draconian interpretation of the law in spite of most incidents of drones being shot down occurring with responsible gun owners rightly defending their lives and property against menacing drones. With this decision the FAA has valued the well being of fragile chunks of plastic that sell for less than any pickup truck in running condition over the liberty of actual flesh and blood persons. Peace in our time and goodwill to all who aren't men.