More Sourceforge Fail

User d3k4y on reddit has reported that the Sourceforge version of pywallet contains malicious code that will send users private keys to a remote server located at (source, archived). Once a well-known source for a variety of software downloads, the site has steadily declined into a haven for malware and other assorted junk. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of always verifying checksums of any software before attempting to run it in a live environment.

2 thoughts on “More Sourceforge Fail

  1. Even the legit 'pywallet' is a monumental pile of shit. Seriously, read it. There are base64-encoded binaries (as far as i can tell, images, but these would have been the ideal stego for a trick like what is described above) in there!

  2. Stego lol. What is this, alt-history where the world's not made up of schmucks ?

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