Journalist Sentenced Under US Hacking Laws

Journalist Matthew Keys was sentenced to 24 months in prison by United States district judge Kimberly J. Mueller for allegedly turning over a username and password to television station KTXL Fox 40's web content management system. Prosecutors alleged that Keys did this in order to damage his former employer further alleging that Keys turned over the credentials to a fictitious hacker collective called 'Anonymous' and told them to have fun. Keys insists that the overzealous prosecution of the act, one that if he did it could barely be classed as criminal, has been carried out as retaliation for his refusal to abuse his position as a journalist in order to assist the FBI. The minutes of Key's sentencing are presented below:

2:13-cr-00082-KJM All Defendants USA v. Keys
Date filed: 03/14/2013
Date terminated: 04/13/2016
Date of last filing: 04/13/2016
Full docket text for document 153:
MINUTES for SENTENCING held before District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller on
4/13/2016. Government Counsel, Matthew Segal, Paul Hemesath, and James
Silver, present. Defense Counsel, Jason Leiderman, Tor Ekeland, and Mark
Jaffe, present. Defendant present, out of custody. The court admonished all
present in the courtroom regarding the use of electronics. The parties confirmed
they were ready to proceed. The court heard argument as to the appropriate
sentence. Mr. Segal read a victim statement into the record. Another victim
addressed the court in person. The defendant did not address the court. The
court SENTENCED the defendant, Matthew Keys, on Counts 1, 2 and 3 of the
Superseding Indictment (ECF No. [44]) to Imprisonment for a term of 24 months
on each of Counts 1, 2 and 3, to be served concurrently to each other for a total
term of 24 months; serve on Supervised Release for a term of 24 months on
each of Counts 1, 2 and 3, to be served concurrently to each other for a total
term of 24 months; Pay a $300.00 Special Assessment, payment to begin
immediately; and Pay Restitution in an amount to be determined. Restitution
Hearing SET for 6/8/2016 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 3 before District Judge
Kimberly J. Mueller. The court recommended the defendant be incarcerated at
an institution in Lompoc, California and ORDERED him to to self-surrender no
later than 2:00 PM on 6/15/2016 with the court retaining jurisdiction to modify the
self-surrender date upon showing of good cause by either side. The court
adopted the standard and special conditions of supervised release as
recommended in the presentence report. The court advised the defendant his
appeal rights. Court Reporter: Kathy Swinhart. (Text Only Entry) (Schultz, C)

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