Furry Perverts Hack Radio Stations To Evangelize Their Filth

A number of radio stations in the United States have had their regular programming interruptedĀ  by hackers and instead were made to broadcast the erotic material of a particularly noxious species of pervert (archived). The perverts alternately know as Furries or FurFags have an obsession with fucking and being fucked while wearing animal themed costumes of construction similar to those worn by sports team mascots. The freaks managed to hijack radio station transmitters connected to the internet to spread their filth. The furfag menace draws members from all three genders: female, male, and mayo.

As the furry menace appears to be acting with greater boldness readers are advised to take certain precautions. Our readers owning and managing professional sports ventures are advised to institute more intense psychological screening of employees showing an interest in the team's mascot costume along with increasing screening for employees and volunteers wearing those costumes. A lack of prudence in these areas already burned the Chicago Cubs organization when a version of their mascot with prominent cock and balls was broadcast on local television stations. Readers operating broadcast radio stations are advised to not leave unsecured means by which the furry menace can commandeer their signal over the internet.

All readers are advised to proceed with extreme caution when encountering unfamiliar mascots in the wild as well as mascots outside of areas they area traditionally known to frequent such as stadiums and shopping centers where the team is hosting a promotional activity. Any gathering of three or more persons dressed as mascots, even in situations that occasionally have a mascot or two is to be treated with suspicion. Readers are advised to consult the works of James Lafond for strategies in avoiding predation by these perverted animals.

One thought on “Furry Perverts Hack Radio Stations To Evangelize Their Filth

  1. It was them thar hackers with them thar hackses in them thar deep dark intarwebbertubez.

    Yes, exactly that. We know who these people are and what they did in fine detail. Precise and accurate both, and it is obvious what has really happened also. An actual expert couldn't have stated this better to his colleagues. This is very meaningful reporting.

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