FBI Director Comey Admits To Taping Over Webcam After Speech

During a question and answer session following a speech at Kenyon College, FBI Director James Comey admitted he taped over his laptop's webcam to avoid being spied upon. Taping over laptop webcams is a popular though weak method for ensuring a computer can not visually spy on your person. The stronger and correct method to mitigate these concerns is physically disconnecting the laptop's web camera and its microphone. Depending on the level of concern about a computers integrity actual mitigations for privacy concerns may be applied all the way through actually airgapping a machine.

One thought on “FBI Director Comey Admits To Taping Over Webcam After Speech

  1. Aw, come one. If he disconnects the webcam, how is he gonna chat with the grandkids?! Let's be reasonable here! Gotta balance the needs of national security vs. the need for video chat with the fam…

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