Docker On List Of Companies Taking Quiet CIA Funding

The Intercept has published a list of 38 companies involved in the datamining business1 that take undisclosed funding from the venture capital arm of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (archived). Among these companies was one not often though of in conjunction with the data mining business, Docker who develops software that leverages containers to ease the automated deployment of various kinds of application software. Docker last attracted the attention of Qntra when their employee and Debian founder Ian Murdock died following a violent encounter with police. Following his death Docker Inc. managed his affairs. Consider Docker harmful. Sorry for your loss. Peace in our time.

  1. Edit: Here is a link to a previous discussion of the CIA money disbursement machine. Many of the funded companies go beyond datamining and in fact engage in all kinds of snake oil. Some even produce products available for "civilian" use.  

2 thoughts on “Docker On List Of Companies Taking Quiet CIA Funding

  1. Docker is brain damaged hipster garbage in the first place. I don't think any of the available container management solutions have worse designs.

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