BitBet Auction Closes

The auction to sell BitBet's non-cash assets has concluded with Znort987 offering the highest bid at 86 Bitcoin for the assets. The final hours of the auction saw a flurry of bidding activity that drove the final price nearly ten times higher than Saint Stanislav's 9 Bitcoins which was the high bid for much of the duration of the auction. Pete Dushenski was bidding actively before he ceded the contest of economic will to Znort987, and Dushenski further offered a statement on the matter after he surrendered the contest.

BitBet reciever David Francois stated to Qntra that he thinks the auction went pretty well. In his announcement of Znort987 as the auction winner Monsieur Francois stated that after payment is received he plans to publish settlement details within a few days and push the signed settlement payment to the Bitcoin network after the details have been available for public review.

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