US War On Physicians Escalates

The general war against sanity in the United States is escalating in its front against physicians. The Center for Disease Control, under the the direction of Hussein Bahamas's gang in Washington is proposing radical new guidelines which constrain physician judgement in prescribing pain relieving drugs (archived).

The new guidelines make the application of opiate drugs to treat chronic pain suspect and further make prescriptions to treat acute pain longer suspect when the duration of the prescription runs longer than 7 days. This new guidance combined with recent legislative action introduces the serious risk of physicians being placed in a position where they may be conveniently culled from their servile profession on a prosecutorial or political whim for administering treatment in their patient's best interests (archived).

Opiate addiction like transmayo genderism is epidemic in the United States. Tighter prescribing of opiates has already managed to minimize the amount of prescription opiate drugs finding their way into abusive situations. Heroin and other unregulated drugs have come to dominate the recreational and abusive opiate markets in the United States following the Untied State's military adventures in Afghanistan.

It is clear that in the front on the war on sanity the criminal gang in Washington DC is once again seeking to combat reality by fiat, and this time they are levelling that fiat against one of the few economic groups capable of achieving a degree of financial security. The criminal gang in Washington has spent substantial time eroding the relative security of this demographic through regulatory and other pressures. It appears that now the gang is moving in to finally squash this last group capable of financially resisting their march to economic and moral bankruptcy.

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  1. Damn, those labcoats sure can't catch can fix a break!

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