Point: Washington Thugs Testing GM Mosquitos

This Editor in Chief has filed an Op-Ed in response to piece of news.

The assembly of hoodrats headed by Hussein Bahamas in Washington D.C. requests public comment regarding a field trial of genetically modified mosquitoes (archived) in Key Haven, Florida. Such trials have already been conducted in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Panama, and Malaysia. The variation of Aedes aegypti engineered by Oxitec, Ltd. (archived) is supposed to breed with existing populations, and pass on a fatal alteration its genetic code. Notably this fatal alteration merely has a suppressive effect on populations creating a need to continually shell out for more bezzle bugs.

Using advanced genetics Oxitec breeds and releases 'sterile' males of the damage-causing species. This highly targeted form of biological control is safe to other species, causes no lasting impact on the environment and is cost-effective.

The aforementioned government suggests that this modified organism may be used to prevent the spread of diseases such as the Zika virus, although it's worth noting that so far this illness is most prevalent in areas already subjected to field trials. By giving the public 30 days to complain about it, the illusion of democracy may be upheld.

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