March To Clinton Coronation Bumps Into Subaru Socialist Sweep

Substantial noise has been made over Donald Trump-Clinton's campaign in the minor US socialist party's nominating contests while coverage of the major socialist party's nominating contest has been quieter with the coronation of Hilary Rodham-Clinton assumed to be a virtual inevitability. That narrative of inevitability however took a serious blow on Saturday as Subaru socialists turned out in droves to deliver notable geriatric Bernie Sanders a sweep with wins in 3 nominating contests. The margins of victory Sanders enjoyed over Rodham-Clinton were 40% in Hawaii, 46% in Washington state, and 63% in Alaska. With these overwhelming victories the gap in pledged convention delegates between Sanders and Rodham-Clinton has substantially closed.

Rodham-Clinton still leads substantially among "super delegates" providing her a substantial cushion in the event she continues to struggle in electoral contests. These "super delegates" are party officials with authority to vote at the party's convention to select a nominee without their convention vote having been derived from an electoral contest. Their existence ensures the establishment of the major socialist party, commonly referred to as the "Democratic Party", is not entirely beholden to their constituency's votes in selecting their nominee. In contrast the minor socialist party, commonly referred to as the "Republican Party", lacks "super delegates" and the party establishment has little control over their nominating process. This discrepancy between the titles two socialist parties choose as their self identification and how much control their leadership retains in the nomination process is technically referred to as irony.

The shift in attitudes evident in the electoral embrace of Sanders' embrace of socialism suggests that the population of the United States just might be ready to come out of the socialism closet.

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