Leaked Voicemails Show Donald Trump-Clinton Cozy With Liberal Media

A number of leaked voicemails show New York con artist and politician Donald Trump-Clinton's warm, cozy relationship with members of the leftist media. Despite the character Trump-Clinton plays on television presenting an adversarial relationship with the mainstream media, the leaked messages show affection for Trump demonstrated by NBC personalities as diverse as Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Tamron Hall (archived).

The character Trump-Clinton plays on television is playing at running for the presidential nomination of the United States' other socialist party, yet that party's decision to welcome his outsider candidacy will likely end the GOP as an ongoing concern. Trump-Clinton manages to consistently win multi-way contests with a plurality of votes that nonetheless continually falls short of a majority. The majority sentiment in most contests so far favors a candidate that is not Trump. This would lead to a brokered convention that could put anyone at the top of the minor socialist parties ticket.

The implications of this outcome for the party are dire. Their base is a loose coalition of movement conservatives, business interests aligned against those favored by the major socialist party, and a fractured base united by their anger. The base's poorly directed anger is matched a number of traits traits that make tempting targets for con artists. The most notable example would be the scammers selling gold coins for an excessive price over market value by pretending to attach some sort of extra monetary value to the things as collectibles.

The success of sympathy conmen like Glenn Beck or Donald Trump-Clinton fleecing the angry-socialist flock makes one wonder whether the GOP even exists in any meaningful sense, as the other components are too small as a percentage to matter in electoral contests. A perfect storm of hypocrisy where con artist Donald Trump-Clinton has captured a commanding plurality through being a more bombastic and capable liar than the actual morally bankrupt politicians. The politicians just got schooled in moral bankruptcy. Sorry for your loss.

6 thoughts on “Leaked Voicemails Show Donald Trump-Clinton Cozy With Liberal Media

  1. Donald a Trump is Mircea Popescu with more money and HUMINT-WOT.

    • And a complete absence of business ethics.

    • Funny, I was just thinking that a few days ago. MP is the Trump of Bitcoin (or is Trump the MP of fiat?).

      – Are eccentric billionaires
      – Have a huge ego (or yuge for Trump)
      – Have a wacky hair or beard style
      – Enjoy success with women
      – Create Pavlovian hate reactions
      – Think their wealth is underestimated
      – Make a liberal use of ad hominem attacks
      – Are branded as racist misogynist whateverisbadtodayist
      – Have had minor business failures that are somehow a big deal
      – Have a distinguished mistreatment of the English language
      – Likes to keep people out (Mexicans being non-WoT users for MP)
      – Made the wall ten feet higher (or 20 BTC higher for MP)

      I'll have to give MP an advantage in sexual perversion, while Trump has an advantage in memes.

  2. 'AnonymousNSA hacks Donald Trump's voicemail and leaks the messages'

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