Hearn Can't Quit Maxwell, Declares Maxwell Bitcoin's Leader

Several hours ago on a heavily censored Y Combinator forum Mike Hearn declared that Gregory Maxwell is both the leader of Bitcoin and the source of all its problems:

Bitcoin's problem is not a lack of a leader, it's problem is that the leader is Gregory Maxwell at Blockstream and he's a terrible decision maker. Blockstream is the source of the refusal to bump the block size.

Indeed, the block size debate did not stalemate. It resulted in the small blockists winning, due to the much more aggressive tactics they used (e.g. hiring a bunch of developers then asserting they'd all quit forever if the block size were changed).

Mike Hearn: Birth Unknown – January 15th 2015, He just couldn't Quit Greg Maxwell


One thought on “Hearn Can't Quit Maxwell, Declares Maxwell Bitcoin's Leader

  1. Bwahahaha.

    Pig has decided reason for pig slaughter is crow on the fence, will now proceed to defeat Christmas by chasing crow away ?


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