F-35 Software Requiring Hard Reboots While Airborne

Jane's reports that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Developed by and for the armed forces of the United States and its allies has a new quirk gathering public attention (archived). Well, several quirks but the most notable is a software glitch that interferes with the aircraft's mission readiness by requiring hard reboots during flight to restore functionality to the radar. So far the F-35's ability to hemorrhage funds printed for the United States Department of Defense has lead to the early end of production for the more capable F-22 fighter, threatened the end of life for the more capable A-10 ground attack aircraft, and ended or hindered an uncountable other number of other things which may have been less embarrassing ends to direct the United States Government's money printing machine than the F-35. Sorry for your loss and peace in our time.

3 thoughts on “F-35 Software Requiring Hard Reboots While Airborne

  1. found a typo:
    …by requiring requiring hard …

  2. I suppose the miserable state of the F-35 is a good thing for world peace, since if the planes are all sitting on the ground getting maintenance that leaves them less time to be flying around dropping bombs on innocent civilians.

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