EU Marching Towards "Helicopter Money" As Other Manipulations Are Exhausted

The European Central Bank, aside from the usual negative interest rates business, is not to be underestimated in the competition to further enshitten fiat bezzle currencies. For several months already, central banks of eurozone countries have been tasked to acquire 60bn euro worth of assets monthly of the variety that includes bonds of state-owned enterprises and provincial authorities. Come April 1, this figure will go up to 80bn, and will include any bonds with investment ratings in an effort to stimulate Europe's economy.

ECB chairman Mario Draghi promised there are plenty of instruments left, even the increasingly likely "helicopter money" which she considers "a very interesting concept". As other options are exhausted it is becoming increasingly likely the European Central Bank will resort to helicopter money for stimulus, a move which will reveal just how little the central bankers actually value their fiat bezzle bucks.

2 thoughts on “EU Marching Towards "Helicopter Money" As Other Manipulations Are Exhausted

  1. Note: Portions of this piece including determination of Mario's gender were applied by the editor.

  2. Also, editor deemed excluded the definition of "helicopter money" — it means paying to consumers directly.

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