EPA Land Grab: War Over Pond!

Using pretense being tested under new "Clean" Water act rules, the United States EPA is seeking the ruin of a Wyoming landowner for having the audacity to create a pond on his property (archived). Andy Johnson spent 50,000 of his own United States dollars improving his property with an 8 acre pond that attracts wildlife.1 Now the EPA is fining Johnson 37,500 dollars a day as part of an effort to test new rules expanding their authority from navigable bodies to water to any depression in the earth through which water may have passed historically.

For roughly the past half century "environmental protection" has been the most popular pretext abused by the criminal regime in Washington to further tyranny in the United States.  Abuses range from circumventing due process in their criminal practice of law to undermining the possibility of private property. The assault on private property is especially pronounced in the Western portion of the United States where clashes between men who create economic value and Federal Forces have become increasingly common with Federal "law enforcement" becoming increasingly violent.

  1. Note that "wildlife attracting ponds are exempt from "Clean" Water Act regulations.  

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