Cloudflare Pressures Tor Developers and Users To Implement Identifiers

The Stack reports that Cloudflare co-founder Matthew Prince is pressuring Tor Developers and users to adopt some sort of "anonymous" identification scheme (archived). Prince is threatening more captchas and content blocks from Cloudflare if the firm's demands are not met. Cloudflare is a known enemy of internet privacy and generally a force for making the internet shittier. Tor on the other hand often fails to deliver its promised level of privacy and is likely socially and technologically compromised beyond repair. This declaration by Prince when considered alongside a "heated debate" continuing in the comments of a five week old Tor project blog post (archived) lead to this affair having a strong social engineering smell much like the recent iPhone Circle Jerk. Expect this ongoing discussion to lead to Cloudflare and Tor both getting shittier independently and when used in concert.

2 thoughts on “Cloudflare Pressures Tor Developers and Users To Implement Identifiers

  1. For the people who still doubted CloudFlare was an NSA front

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