BitBet Receiver Hired

After taking applications BitBet's estranged partners have hired experienced Bitcoin businessman David Francois to see BitBet through receivership. Monsieur Francois's application for the receivership states that he intends to complete the liquidation in a two week time frame following the receipt of all BitBet assets for liquidation, a task for which he will collect a fixed fee of 13.37 Bitcoin. This means that BitBet's assets including their domain name and software should be hitting the market shortly so parties interested in acquiring those assets should inquire with Monsieur Francois.

BitBet has found itself headed to receivership through an irreconcilable difference between the partners over how to handle an expense incurred through a method of handling peculiar node and miner behavior on the Bitcoin network which lead to a double payment to winners on a bet.

7 thoughts on “BitBet Receiver Hired

  1. I woulda done it for only 3.1337 BTC.

  2. Blocking free transactions is "peculiar" now?

    At least, the Trump of Bitcoin is not blaming China anymore…

  3. Tell the whole truth? Someone made a clerical error when manukally paying ou on resolved bets and accidental set the transaction fee to 0 in batch transaction. Mistaking the unmined transaction for an attack, he sent the paymemt in another transaction again, this time with a fee included. Both eventually got mined, players got paid twice. Someone didn't want to take the blame and lose face, so they rage quit and killed skape goat BitBet.

    This has damged the whole WOT idea. You can GPG sing all you want but can't force people to fulfil contracts in WOT. Why join with it if anyone can just walk away at any time? GPG signed contracts are no good if they can't be enforced. It's just paperless paper contract.

    Why will anyone join WOT now? No guarantor, no growth, no enforcement, no management, no road map. Waste Of Time!

  4. Hjalmar Fransen: The purpose of GPG signed contracts is to have a record of what agreements were reached. If a party to a GPG contract breaches the contract, there's no way to /enforce it/, no, but you do have GPG signed proof that the person did break the contract, which would come in handy for future dealings.

    As a relevant example, Mircea Popescu's GPG signature on a contract means less today than it did last month.

  5. Are all resolved bets going to be paid out pro-rata and all pending bets refunded?

  6. sad to see go :(

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