'Anybody Can Learn' Gets It In The Breech

Hadi Partovi, (archived) Code.org CEO, reports on ANYBODY CAN LEARN (archived) that his site has been compromised. He regretfully informs us that twelve thousand volunteer email addresses were captured in the attack. A technical freelancing firm based in Singapore took credit for the breach in an unsolicited email sent to one of the effected volunteer engineers.

From: the firm in Singapore
To: Code.org
Sorry about this…. our intention was we thought it'd be good to get them more opportunities to improve their own
Computer Science skills beyond the opportunities available in their geographical boundaries / location. We've told our
team to stop this with immediate effect.
No one should be receiving anymore e-mails from us from this point onwards.
You have my word that we will delete their email addresses from our mailing lists. They should not receive anymore
emails from us.

Code.org is supported by donors (archived) such as Google, Microsoft, Bill Gates, and Ballmer Family Giving. Its purpose (archived) is to increase diversity in computer science by making it more accessible to women and under represented students of color. Perhaps after this embarrassing incident, they will increase security in their own computer systems while making them less accessible to actors with malicious intent. After all, anyone can learn!

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