Shaun Bridges Arrested For Attempting To Flee United States

Former United States Secret Service Agent Shaun Bridges was arrested for attempting to flee the United States last Thursday. Bridges was scheduled to surrender for the purpose of serving his prison sentence on Friday. After having plead guilty in June, Shaun Bridges was sentenced to serve 71 months in prison this past December.

3 thoughts on “Shaun Bridges Arrested For Attempting To Flee United States

  1. From the court filing for his recent arrest it looks like this was a fairly clever trap set for Bridges.

    There's a reference in the last paragraph of the filing to a still-sealed warrant for Bridges' arrest. Apparently they got this sealed warrant issued BEFORE they released him, then let him out for the occasionally-offered "time to tidy up your affairs" post-sentencing/pre-incarceration. This isn't too unusual, but ONLY for convicts with near-zero flight risk. So it's very very strange they offered this to Bridges, and he's an idiot for not wondering WTF was up.

    Anyways, looks like he fell into the trap. Now they've got him back as well as all the goodies in his "go bag". I'm guessing that "go bag" was the point of the whole excercise.


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