Tampa Police Refuse To Work Plus Sized Star's Event After Insult

Police in Tampa, Florida are refusing to work a concert by American plus sized pop singer Beyonce after Beyonce produced a series of performances with anti-police themes (archived). Police aggression and killings have cultured a strong anti-police sentiment in the United States that crosses racial lines leaving "law enforcement" officers fumbling to present a positive public image as they are increasingly betrayed by members of own ranks.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Rises Above 163 Billion

fancy chartBitcoin mining difficulty recently ascended to 163,491,654,908.95925903, a "modest" 13.44% above previous leap. Transaction fees totalled 511.49155786 Bitcoins, comprising 1.00% of total miner rewards. Non-inflationary miner income has gradually risen in the past months, still recovering from damage wrecked by brinkmanship committed in the name of keeping Bitcoin free and useless (archived).

John Deere Cuts Sales Expectation Amid Continued Corn Belt Pain

The already dismal outlook for United States agriculture got dimmer today as John Deere cut its sales forecast for the rest of the year (archived). Paired with the decline of the United States energy industry it is becoming clear that actual, productive economic activity the sectors of the United States economy most fundamental to sustaining civilized life is stalling.

FBI iPhone Circle Jerk Theater

Substantial noise has been generated over the past several days concerning the fate of a colored plastic iPhone. The debate concerns whether Apple should provide agents of United States which would allow them to more effectively defeat iOS encryption through brute force. Given Apple's history of collaboration with this sort of agent it is perfectly reasonable to assume the assistance requested by the FBI from Apple has already been rendered (archived). So, why the loud public debate? Continue reading

FTC Settles With Butterfly Labs, Suspended Penalties For Management

Today the United States Federal Trade Commission announced it reached a settlement against Butterfly Labs and the firm's principals Sonny Vleisides and Jody/Darla Drake. Out of a 38,615,161 United States dollar judgment against the firm and Sonny Vleisides the firm is to pay 15,000 and Sonny Vleisides is to pay 4,000. A separate judgment against Jody/Darla Drake for 135,878 United States dollars will similarly be suspended in exchange for Jody/Darla surrendering all of the Bitcoin she mined on company machines thus giving her a choice in how to pay her penalty. These "partial" suspensions were agreed to based on the defendants' inability to pay and are offered in exchange for various promises to not engage in the criminal behavior they built their "business" on for some finite period of time. The orders pertaining to Sonny Vleisides and Butterfly Labs as well as the order for Jody/Darla Drake are reproduced in plaintext below: Continue reading

Nth French Republic Officially Dumps Freedom

France’s Council of State rejected appeals to rescind the Ministry of Interior's perceived "authority" to order the blocking and the delisting of websites without a court order. People who want to visit sites thus blocked would be redirected to the Ministry of Interior’s website, potentially allowing it to know the IP addresses of persons visiting forbidden sites and to intercept their correspondence.

Such mechanisms are accentuated in these times of the everlasting State-of-Emergency (archived), which proceeds without any control.

Auschwitz Releases Political Language Software

The Stack reports that Auschwitz, the death camp turned memorial and museum, has released a software application for politically reshaping the use of language (archived). The purported aim of the software is to remove associations between the Polish people and the genocide committed by German National Socialists in death camps erected on Polish lands. It supposedly works to this end by substituting politically approved terms for otherwise descriptive labels like "Polish extermination camp" in documents on machines running the software.