Optical Disc Software Approaching International Crisis

TorrentFreak reports that a substantial lobbying campaign is underway to push the United States Trade Representative to puntively place Antigua on the copyright Priority Watchlist (archived). The dispute centers around continued sales of Antigua based Slysoft's software for backing up the content of optical disc entertainment media. Adversarial legal proceedings are proceeding against Slysoft in Antigua, but through the wonders of this "Rule of Law" business Antigua is compelled to continue allowing Slysoft to continue sales as the courts make decisions according to Antiguan law. At the present Antigua has the blessing of the World Trade Organization to open an explicitly piracy related internet service as compensation for the United State's continued assaults on Antigua's online gaming industry. If the Trade Repesentative moves to sanction Antigua this would be yet another example of the United States refusal to accept that its jurisdiction ends where other state borders begin.

One thought on “Optical Disc Software Approaching International Crisis

  1. My question is how these guys continue to be able to accept fiat payments through VISA and Mastercard.

    I am pretty amazed that hasn't been shut down. Would love to know who their card processor is.

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