Last Actual Mozilla Feature Removed

Mozilla is removing fine grained control of cookies from their Firefox web browser in version 44 after declaring the feature and the ~100 lines of code supporting it a bug (archived). Mozilla persisted in having a userbase on its largely fictitious reputation of being a venture that supports the needs of its users while actually cultivating memory leaks, remote access vulnerabilities, and other abuses of their users. The removal of fine grained cookie control in Mozilla Firefox represents the end of any pretense that Mozilla has any concern about the desires of actual users. While all of the "major" browsers including Google's Chromium family, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, Apple's Safari, and Mozilla's Firefox are irredeemable turds some saner browsers1 do in fact exist. There's even a GUI web browser that doesn't look too bad.

  1. But do exercise caution because they are unfortunately still web browsers  

6 thoughts on “Last Actual Mozilla Feature Removed

  1. But Mozilla does not have a leader, Brandon Eich, who is a bigot. That's the only thing that matters, not software, security or features. This is 2016. It's time now.

    Meanwhile Brandon Eich has started a new browser. Clearly that bigoted man was the only person leading Mozilla, and all the cucked, feminized, PC (windows) developers there are utterly clueless, destroying a venerated brand and software suite.

    In other news, Mozilla is closing down Persona, it's federated identity and login software project. It won't be long now before Mozilla closes shop entirely and all software is abandoned to a Github repo.

    But at least they stopped anyone from saying "fag". A clear win for social justice.

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