Hemorrhaging Zynga Seeks Bezzle Buck Bolus From HQ Sale

Hemorrhaging social gaming "company" Zynga is seeking to top up on its diminishing funds by doing a sale and leaseback on its headquarters in San Francisco's Design district. This bezzle buck bolus should allow Zygna to continue bleeding well into the future. Zynga paid 340 United States dollars for each of the building's 670,000 square feet of floor space and may make up to 800 dollars per square foot in the sale based on local pricing trends (archived). This is a situation which could have created an opportunity to liquidate the firm and minimize losses for everyone, but it seems Zynga leadership has decided the bleeding must continue.

6 thoughts on “Hemorrhaging Zynga Seeks Bezzle Buck Bolus From HQ Sale

  1. Zygna? You mean ZYNGA … ^_^

  2. This is what happens when your games are bad and rely on psychological gimmicks to get players to join, and shady advertisements to monetize.

    • The freemium games only attract worthless people who, by virtue of using their ~75 trips around the sun to play mindless games, have nothing of value which they can offer in return for playing said games. Zynga is in the business of making their own customers intellectually poor; it's no surprise that the company can't profit from them. It's really quite the catch-22, if they make their games "better" (i.e. more addicting) their customers become even poorer because they're wasting more time playing Zynga games. If they make their games worse, then they lose their customers.

  3. „Let's go for a marketing push!!”

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