Growing Bitcoin Game Hits High for Single Day Play-Seconds

Eulora, the flagship game produced by The Ministry of Games, clocked a single-day play-seconds record of 510`537 earlier this week. Over the course of these nearly 142 hours of combined play, a handful of players perhaps took advantage of the apparently dwindling, and periodically refilled, loot pools graciously seeded by S.MG shareholders. Players in the world of Eulora also enjoyed a not quite record breaking,1 but still remarkable level of over the counter trade. The total value can only be approximated, but reasonable estimates2 put it somewhere in the range of 0.3 to 0.42 BTC.3 This figure amounts to approximately one percent of the combined holdings of all players in the game.

  1. Although one could argue the differences between casual IRC trades and somewhat organized post-event trade, and claim that yesterday's dealings were indeed record breaking; at least I can't recall a more trade-packed day. 

    1.  1`900`000
    2.  1`270`000
    3.  3`000`000
    4.  1`580`000 ** technically not over yet, but unlikely to be outbid
    5.  1`000`000
    6.  2`000`000
    7.  1`500`000 ** valued 12`000`000 at public auction :

      (13:41:26) Grenadine says: alright, to continue, 200 black of desspayr recipes, quality 200, up for grabs. opening at 1.2M (13:41:27) Mircea says: ty! (13:41:32) Mircea says: 2mn (13:41:36) Grenadine says: 2m heard (13:41:52) Daniel says: 3m (13:41:57) Mircea says: 5mn (13:42:01) Grenadine says: 3m …5 heard (13:42:01) Daniel says: 6mn (13:42:03) Mircea says: DESSPAYR! (13:42:08) Mircea says: darn (13:42:17) Grenadine says: 6 million to the thorny feller (13:42:19) Mircea says: 7mn (13:42:23) Daniel says: 8mn (13:42:26) Grenadine says: 7mn heard..8! (13:42:37) Grenadine says: 8 million going once (13:59:54) Grenadine says: do i hear 8.1> (13:59:56) Mircea says: i was just hitting enter on 10mn is where we were! but here goes : TEN! MILLION! (14:00:02) Grenadine says: oh my, ten million (14:00:24) Grenadine says: and ten million going once (14:00:24) Daniel says: 12mn (14:00:27) Grenadine says: 12 heard (14:00:41) Grenadine says: 12mn going one time (14:00:55) Grenadine says: two times! (14:01:12) Grenadine says: and sold! (14:01:20) Grenadine says: trade me (14:01:32) Mircea says: congrats daniel.

    8.  1`500`000
    9. 12`500`000
    10.  1`000`000
    11.    100`000
    12.     41`000
    13.  1`600`000
    14.    534`000
    15.  2`370`000
    16.    315`000


  2. In Eulora terms, this is 30 to 42 million coppers which trade one-to-one with the satoshi, the smallest unit recognized on the Bitcoin block chain. 

2 thoughts on “Growing Bitcoin Game Hits High for Single Day Play-Seconds

  1. O my god, the problem of trading very small amounts of Bitcoin cheaply and quickly has been long resolved, you can just move ECu back and forth ? Incredibru!

  2. This may be my favorite article on the internet.

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