Emergency Physicians Fail Matt DeHart

On August 7th, 2010 paramedics and law enforcement personnel delivered former drone operator and journalist Matt DeHart to an Emergency Room after a harsh interrogation where he was drugged. He was mistakenly diagnosed as being in a psychotic break when he was actually being interrogated and persecuted by agents of the United States government from the FBI and other government agencies. This failure of clinical judgement and the legal persecution of DeHart which followed, where he was wrongfully targeted with assorted espionage and child pornography related charges as cover for the United States Government's effort to suppress his journalistic output and completely destroy his personhood raises serious questions. It is becoming increasingly imperative that medical practitioners seriously consider that patients presenting with complaints of Government persecution may be grounded in the reality of their circumstances. Clinicians would be well advised to explore means by which they may leverage resources including inpatient hospital placement to protect patients from hostile government agents in order to avoid malpractice torts in the future.

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