DPRK Launches Satellite Into Space

Numerous sources are reporting that the Democratic People's Republic of Best Korea has launched a rocket into space, and that the government of Best Korea is declaring its effort to launch a satellite into space a success. Almost exactly one month ago the Democratic People's Republic of Best Korea claimed success in testing a hydrogen bomb. During the 20th century Cold War between the USSR and United Soviet Socialist America the capability to launch satellites into space was used as a proxy that demonstrated the ability to deploy nuclear weapons at any range. Continued space launches on the part of the Democratic People's Republic of Best Korea would indicate an aerospace industry significant enough to sustain the production and maintenance of intercontinental ballistic missiles and add further credibility to the nation's growing nuclear deterrent.

3 thoughts on “DPRK Launches Satellite Into Space

  1. The librarian better have a good joke lined up in lieu of source citations…

  2. Alright _now_ I am worried. This has Starfish Prime written all over it.


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