Cattle Rancher And American Patriot Cliven Bundy Arrested In Portland

American Patriot, Cattle Rancher, and inspiration for the militia liberation in Oregon Cliven Bundy was arrested in Portland after travelling from Nevada to support his sons (archived). He had travelled to Portland with his Nevada State Assembly member Michelle Fiore to seek the release of his children from Federal Prisoner of War1 camps. This round of militia liberation may be reaching its end. For 40 days and forty nights in the high desert of Oregon brave militia men and women have taken a stand supporting the Spirit of the United States Constitution and the American People against the crimes committed by the Federal Government. Since the dark day that Lavoy Finicum was slaughtered by Federal Forces and other militia leaders were captured with Ryan Bundy sustaining a gunshot wound, only four brave souls remained to continue the liberation and they have continued to maintain it under a constant state of seige. If the Oregon liberation ends today, may the American people honor the sacrifices of these brave militia souls have undertaken on their behalf.

  1. What war? The war on America's productive citizens where they are deprived of the fruits of their labor in order to better support clerks and other socialist bureaucrats.  

3 thoughts on “Cattle Rancher And American Patriot Cliven Bundy Arrested In Portland

  1. And he was arrested for… what exactly ? Bill of attainder in the family name ? Broken headlights ? To further pseudolegal fraudulent federal litigation ?

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