Bruce Fenton Proposes Historical Revisionism

Vessenes' Foundation director Bruce Fenton has proposed a voluntary code of conduct that would adopt a form of historical revisionism as its first principle (archived). Fenton proposes that everyone who wants to be involved in Bitcoin let go of the past, forgive, and ignore the fact that in the past year numerous parties hostile to Bitcoin have engaged in attacks attempting to subvert the Bitcoin network.

There is no place in Bitcoin's future for Mike Hearn, Gavin Andressen, or Jeff Garzik in developing Bitcoin. There is no place at the table for Oliver Janssens, either Toomim brother, Roger Ver, Brian Armstrong, Stephen Pair, or the morally bankrupt GAW Mining scam involved hamplanet Marshall Long to participate in actual conversations about Bitcoin's future. Their future involvement is exactly as welcome as that of Mark Karpel├Ęs or Homero J. Garza.1 Fenton proposes forgiveness instead of divisiveness, but when faced with a malignant tumor the cure is not to forgiveness towards the mass of disease. The cure is chemically or physically destroying the tumor's presence in the body.

Fenton2 suggests his course of action comes out of logic rather than emotion, but actual, rational first principles demand rejection of his program wholesale as the kind of forgiveness he talks of is impossible and untenable. Supposing its possibility suggests a serious disconnect from reality and intelligible patterns of thought. While persons might have freedom in choosing their actions in the present and the future, the past is by its nature unchanging. No amount of feelings or emotional appeals can change what the bad actors named in this article have done, and their responsibility for the historical fact of their malicious actions can not be papered over.

  1. That parties involved in the ClassicCoin coup attempt would ally with and follow the lead of Marshall Long who was in business communion with Homero J. Garza is astounding.  

  2. At this point it should be noted the closest Fenton comes to involvement in Bitcoin is keeping up the illusion that the corpse of the Vessenes' Foundation has enough life to do anything other than squat a domain name that could otherwise serve the purposes of the Bitcoin Foundation.  

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