Bitcointalk Default Trust Member Arrested For Debit Card Fraud

Pankaj '' Bhardwaj was arrested by police for participating in a fraud ring that used cloned debit cards to withdraw money from other people's accounts at automated teller machines (archived). Under his forum username, Bhardwaj was a member of the "Default Trust" list used to seed the reputation ratings system on Theymos's Bitcointalk forum. He enjoyed a stellar reputation on that forum as evidenced by a thread on that forum discussing recent developments in the life and times of forum escrow, default trust member, and apparent fiat payment card cloner. is not the first member of Bitcointalk's default trust list to undergo a sudden transition from trustiness to ignominy. Shortly after the creation of the default trust list, inaugural member member TradeFortress operated node.js based webwallet service for only a few short months before 4,100 Bitcoins disappeared from the service on November 7th, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Bitcointalk Default Trust Member Arrested For Debit Card Fraud

  1. "Default trust" is mostly scammers.

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