Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Crosses 144 Billion With 20.06% Rise

Mining difficulty is now 144,116,447,847.34866333, 20.06% above the previous value. This is the largest increase since August 19th, 2014, and is thus the largest increase covered by Qntra to date. Transaction fees totalled 530.03566591 Bitcoins, comprising 1.04% of total miner rewards, a similar rate to the previous period; for context, this rate was 0.77% in the antepenultimate, and 0.83% at the close of yesteryear. Stay tuned as Bitcoin's supply inflexibility keeps increasing usage costs to compensate for impending disinflation.

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Crosses 144 Billion With 20.06% Rise

  1. Not 144 million, but 144 billion.

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