Bankruptcy Artist Promotes Easier Libel Suits

Bankruptcy artist and the front runner for the United States presidential nomination from that state's other socialist party Donald Trump is now stumping for legislation that would expand libel torts available for use against news outlets (archived). This comes as Trump's campaign rival Marco Rubio today began raising concerns about Trump's business failures, his endorsement of blatant scams, and his advanced age. If Trump wins the presidency he would be 70 years old when sworn in to office making urinary incontinence a serious risk with substantial potential for national embarrassment if it manifested when meeting with foreign dignitaries. Hillary Clinton, the front runner for the nomination from the United States' primary socialist party, is one year younger than Trump, but has given birth to a child. This according to population trends means it is a near certainty she already has substantial experience handling urinary crises during public appearances.

4 thoughts on “Bankruptcy Artist Promotes Easier Libel Suits

  1. But Hillary is a cuck.

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