As ClassicCoin Client Hits Release, Miners Formally Reject It

With the client designed to fork ClassicCoin from Bitcoin hitting release, numerous outlets are reporting a group representing pools with a substantial amount of the Bitcoin network hashrate have signed a letter formally rejecting the Classic fork. Who could have forseen ClassicCoin enjoying the same failure mode as XTCoin:

For all the ways the manufactured crisis around the ClassicCoin hard fork push is made to seem more polished than the XTCoin manufactured crisis, the results of the effort somehow seem still more underwhelming.

Maybe it's the part where back in August fiat markets were just starting to show indicators of an impending downturn, but now things are solidly falling apart? Could it be the full depth of the wealthlust inspired in various fiat "law enforcement" agents upon their exposure to Bitcoin's promise coming to light? How about the months long game of good cop/bad cop various fiat backed start ups have been playing in an effort to see just how many forks they might be able to sell some Bitcoin holders on. Perhaps it is just the fact that Bitcoin absolutely trounced fiat in every way that matters over the course of 2015.

If it seems like various fiat interests, outlets, and agents are getting more desperate in their attempts to alternately dismiss or insert crises into Bitcoin, it is because they are. That line Satoshi inserted into the Genesis block:

The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

is still there seven years later. That bit about what awaits fiat attempts to hard fork Bitcoin into something else remains one year later. Actual Bitcoin interests have abided the turmoil presented by various fiat/Bitcoin interfaces. By contrast fiat interests are struggling to handle fiat/Reality interfaces and are coping, as is their custom, through various forms of theft (archived). In the moral contest between Bitcoin's indifference to the hungry mouths of the world and fiat's theft from the mouths it promises to feed, there seems to be a clear winner. Sorry for your loss.

– From "Fiat Market Slide, fiat/Bitcoin Interfaces Follow In Friday Trading" published on Qntra January 16th, 2016

5 thoughts on “As ClassicCoin Client Hits Release, Miners Formally Reject It

  1. Very good news. Bitcoin will not be derailed by special interests, Democracy, Statists, CIA agents, NSA stooges or Crony Capitalist Running Dogs.

  2. Well done my good man, well said! It seems that you have hit the nail on the head, I am so glad that "core", and most of the community has stood strong and resisted these feeble attempts. Clearly the fear is starting to sink into the power player of yesteryear…and they will try again…with more money and more force. Nice article, thank you!

  3. Bitcoin, still backed by lulz and drama.

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