Google At Fault In Motor Vehicle Collision

A vehicle driven by Google software has been determined to be responsible for a motor vehicle collision in Mountain View, California (archived). Google's car was derping along at 2 miles per hour when it struck a bus travelling at 15 miles per hour. Google attempted to justify itself with the excuse that it thought the cumbersome bus would yield when Google's smaller vehicle was travelling the speed of a particularly slow pedestrian. Google's car sustained damage in the incident.

Foscam Internet Of Shit "Seekoority" Camera Phones Home, Peers With Other Cameras

Brian Krebs reports that "security cameras" and digital video recorders manufactured by Foscam and marked under Foscam's own brand and others have a peer to peer networking unfeature that phones home enabled by default (archived). In his post Krebs neglected to make the low hanging joke about SCAM already being a part of the firm's name.

2015 IRS Breach Estimate Revised Upwards To 720,000 Records

The estimated number of taxpayer's records taken in a breach the IRS waited until May 2015 to confirm has been revised from nearly 100,000 to roughly 720,000 in a new figure (archived). In August 2015 the figure was quietly revised upwards to 330,000 records. The substantial increase coming with each new revised figure for a single breach suggests the IRS has no idea how many records have been accessed, and they are further incapable of knowing until they have been scammed. Sorry for your loss.

Twitter Materially Supporting Clinton Campaign With Censorship

Failing social media startup and fledgling political contractor Twitter is now facing allegations that it is materially contributing to Hilary Clinton's campaign with its censorship. Of particular note is that at this time the censored speech is critical of Clinton in ways consistent with the doctrine of the political party she affiliates with (archived).

New York City Nuclear Power Problem

Reports are emerging that 23 miles outside of New York City leaks of radioactive material from the Indian Point Energy Center are increasing (archived). This base load power station contributes 2 Gigawatts of electricity to its service area in New York City and Westchester county from two pressurized water reactors built by Westinghouse. The two operating reactors were completed in 1974 and 1976 respectively and are a substantial reason for New York City's relatively affordable electricity prices. The increasing rate of leaked radioactive materials suggests that Indian Point may be entering a state of disrepair which would deny the New York City area the benefits of a well-run nuclear power plant on their electric grid. The twin dilemmas of a sinking energy extraction industry and failing nuclear power infrastructure may fertilize the ground sufficiently for a politically driven electrical energy crisis prominently featuring terms like "smart grid" and "single national electricity distribution grid" in the vocabulary.

Bankruptcy Artist Promotes Easier Libel Suits

Bankruptcy artist and the front runner for the United States presidential nomination from that state's other socialist party Donald Trump is now stumping for legislation that would expand libel torts available for use against news outlets (archived). This comes as Trump's campaign rival Marco Rubio today began raising concerns about Trump's business failures, his endorsement of blatant scams, and his advanced age. If Trump wins the presidency he would be 70 years old when sworn in to office making urinary incontinence a serious risk with substantial potential for national embarrassment if it manifested when meeting with foreign dignitaries. Hillary Clinton, the front runner for the nomination from the United States' primary socialist party, is one year younger than Trump, but has given birth to a child. This according to population trends means it is a near certainty she already has substantial experience handling urinary crises during public appearances.

Bridges Suspected Of Having Unknown Accomplices As Sound Money Undermines Fiat Loyalties

The saga of Shaun Bridges who was turned from the fiat order by the power of sound money, and who was rearrested the day before he was to surrender to prison has gotten more interesting. Behold, prosecutors are refusing to allow the unsealing of their latest warrant aimed at Bridges because they claim unknown allies of Bridges remain at large. It appears the investigation into the Silk Road by United States Government agents has been far more damaging to the USG's cause than any operation of the Silk Road has. Witness: Continue reading

US Farmers Shift To Complete Loss Control Mode As Corn Belt Keeps Fraying

The already bleak picture for United States agriculture is only getting bleaker as 2016 continues. Farmers are now openly talking about this year's planting as an exercise in minimizing their losses instead of profit seeking with agricultural commodity prices in the toilet. The surplus of agricultural products is so great that prices remain depressed even with minimal product entering the market from storage. The consumption of products derived from staple crops is substantially increasing as evidenced by mayo gendered obeasts becoming a substantial political bloc trending to become the majority of the population, yet even the transmayo can not accelerate their consumption enough to adequately stimulate demand. Secondary effects of the agricultural industry's malaise are starting to be felt as manufacturers of heavy equipment are suffering the double whammy of slumping farms and an agonal energy industry. Sorry for your loss.

Software Company Shuttered By Trade Dispute

Antiguan software firm Slysoft announced its closure today due to "regulatory requirements" requiring the firm cease operations. This comes several days after a loud lobbying campaign pushing the United States Trade Representative to place Antigua on a watch list came to light. Their former website has been reduced to:

closed :-(
Due to recent regulatory requirements we have had to cease all activities relating to SlySoft Inc.
We wish to thank our loyal customers/clients for their patronage over the years.

This is yet another case of the Unite States Government's pretense of universal jurisdiction materially interfering with productive business activity.

Silk Road 2.0 Case Confirms FBI And CMU Tor Attack Collaboration

Judge Richard A Jones of the Western District of Washington has confirmed the collusion between the FBI and Carnegie Mellon University in carrying out an attack on the Tor network. This disclosure occurred in Jone's denial of a motion to compel discovery put forth by attorneys representing Brian Farrell who is alleged to be DoctorClu of the Silk Road 2.0 according to prosecutors. The revelation settles the mystery surrounding the "lead" on Farrell's IP address received on July 30th of 2014 by the department of Homeland Security. This previously uncertain lead enabled by Carnegie Mellon's collaboration lead to months of surveillance of Farrell's residential address before Farrell was raided and arrested on January 2nd, 2015.

This entry into the public record confirms that the United States government is selectively treating domestic law enforcement cases as a military problem while precious few citizens of the United States are treating the defense of their liberty with comparable severity. This entry into the record would make Farrell's case promising in appellate courts maintained by righteous judges, but there is a poverty of actual justice in the United States court system. The full text of the order is presented below: Continue reading