Zero-Conf Shenanigans Lead To Peter Todd Reddit Ban

For demonstrating the absolute insecurity offered by unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions, Peter Todd was suspended from Reddit. Peter Todd, without using any script hash shenanigans mundanely sent a transaction with a low fee which was followed by a transaction with a higher fee using the same inputs. Miners opted to mine the transaction with higher fees as they often tend to. While many try to use unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions as a part of various pseudo business practices, actual uses demanding Bitcoin also demand the commitment of complete transactions to the blockchain.

6 thoughts on “Zero-Conf Shenanigans Lead To Peter Todd Reddit Ban

  1. I can't believe people are calling this shit "fraud". For fucks sake, can people really be any more stupid?

  2. All involved are insufferable drama queens.

  3. Stupidity corrupts?

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