USG Makes Tired Sheriff Face Of Oregon Operations

A Very Tired Man

So Tired

As the Oregon liberation continues to hold, the United States Government has made one very tired local Sheriff the face of its efforts to recapture the liberated outpost. Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who normally presides over a force of locally forced six is now the public face of the combined government effort lead by Federal Force IV.1

As the face of Federal reclamation efforts Ward has had to balance the competing demands of meeting with Oregon liberators as a representative of the United States Government, vacillating between promises of free passage and criminal charges, and keeping local residents in a state of panic by closing local schools and businesses. Meanwhile mainstream leftist publications are criticising him for utilizing polite manners when meeting with the leadership of a formidable armed force instead of suicidally attempting to arrest or shoot the entire liberating militia force himself. All of this attention and these new responsibilities appear to be taking a substantial toll on Ward's sleep hygiene.

Completely absent from reporting in mainstream outlets loyal to the United States government is any mention of relevant Hussein Bahamas administration officials with responsibility for the type of Federal outpost liberated in Oregon. It is like no one in the Federal government sees an opportunity to derive glory from this. It appears no one in today's Federal government wants the "glory" Janet Reno won at Waco or that Richard Rogers won at Ruby Ridge. Hussein's 2008 campaign slogan "Yes we can" has in this last year of his administration turned around completely into a quiet "Fuck it, why even try?" At this rate there will be little left for whoever gets stuck as the next United States president.

  1. Mark to be pronounced "Carl" not "four" 

3 thoughts on “USG Makes Tired Sheriff Face Of Oregon Operations

  1. It is like no one in the Federal government sees an opportunity to derive glory from this.

    The whole show is run on the imperial side by the same bright minds that came up with the idea of making Turkey, US's only left ally [sort-of] in the muslim world commit suicide just so that Hussein Bahamas could pretend, briefly and in private, that Russia is a "local power", not the source of half the spit-and-urine admixture he's been guzzling ever since memory can remember.

    Uneducated by failure, they figure that pushing on the poor sheriff to kill himself for their benefit will result in anything other than his joining up with the republican forces. Amusingly enough, this strategy is eerily reminescent of the Germain-Gage nonsense that worked oh-so-well for the British empire. Apparently stupidity is categorically inherited, in the sense that you can tell the empire by the class of mistakes that it favours.

  2. This entry belongs in Altcoins.

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