Oregon Standoff Supplanted In US Media By Celebrity Drama

The stand off initiated by Federal forces to reclaim an outpost liberated by Militants has taken a violent turn with Lavoy Finicum becoming a martyr in a hail of Federal bullets and Ryan Bundy suffering a gunshot wound.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Oregon state police have begun a siege against the remaining militia's free outpost in Oregon, and an agent of the court proclaiming to speak for the captured Ammon Bundy is encouraging the remaining militia forces to surrender. Yet mainstream media outlets in the United States are trying to whip the population into a fervor over a different kind of stand off with far less at stake.

Corrupt New York politician and bankruptcy artist Donald Trump has backed out of the last debate for the other socialist political party's presidential candidates due to concerns about the debate moderator. An actual political struggle over the future of personal liberty and the role of the federal government in the United States is being minimized by mainstream media to prop up a reality television simulacrum of political process.

Roughly a hundred brave men and women of the militia are besieged by a force as a near statistical certainty includes more predatory pedophiles than the general population. By propping up political theater as a distraction from actual political process mainstream media is just going about their usual business and supporting the Federal regime through socially engineering support.

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