Militia Liberates Oregon Land From Federal Occupation

An isolated region of Oregon with a decades long history of Federal occupation and oppression has been liberated by a militia force on Saturday. The liberators count more than a hundred people in their ranks including veterans of the ongoing Bundy Ranch defense1 (archived). Far from being anti-American extremists, these brave freedom fighters merely want the Federal government to act in accordance with the restraints placed upon it by the United States Constitution. The liberation appears at this early stage to be a victory for peaceful armed resistance.

Preceding the liberation was a protest supporting a local father and son who after serving time in prison for improving the land were ordered back to prison by an unjust appellate court ruling. Dwight and Steven Hammond have orders to report for incarceration on Monday to additional time in prison for a previous conviction. They were convicted of arson for conducting necessary forest fire prevention measures neglected by the absentee Federal slumlords. Dangerously negligent Federal management made the recently liberated property a hazard to surrounding private lands. The Hammonds and Federal forces have been at odds for decades over the material hazard lands titled to the Federal government present to the Hammonds' livelihood.

It appears the liberators have learned operational security lessons from the Bundy ranch defense. The liberating force declined to inform other groups protesting in support of the Hammonds of their intent to liberate the land, a move that likely spared the group infiltration and sabotage attempts by USG influence agents. This became a problem in the Bundy ranch defense when persons aligned with a group called the "Oathkeepers" that openly includes active federal agents and "law enforcement" personnel in their ranks attempted to incite a panic in order to drive militia forces to abandon the Bundy ranch defense.2 Members of the liberation force however are issuing calls for other militia forces to join them through USG controlled social media outlets like Facebook, so there is room for improvement.

This latest victory against the repressive United States Government and the continued success of the Bundy ranch defense shows that armed resistance works. Expect in the coming weeks for disinformation and social engineering attempts to dominate mainstream coverage of this liberation.3 Due to the presence of neglected forest land in the liberated area, it is possible that USG agents will use lethal force in the form of burning the entire forest down in order to clear out this pocket of resistance to their oppression, as they burned down the Branch Davidian compound in Waco to eliminate those dissidents.

  1. Yes, nearly two years later it continues to the supreme embarrassment of the ineptitude of the USG.  

  2. The panic was started when a USG agent in the "Oathkeepers" said that they learned through their other USG agent friends that Eric Holder was going to authorize a drone strike on the ranch. Such a measure taken by the Hussein Bahamas administration against peaceful armed protesters would of course be a glass cannon event likely to convert peaceful armed resistance into violent armed resistance. The mainstream press was of course ready to frame this in near real time as "infighting among conspiracy nuts" as opposed to the actual matter of USG agent attempts to undermine organized resistance.  

  3. They have already started.  

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