Gavin Andresen Proposes Same Hard Fork Again

United States Government saboteur and hard fork advocate Gavin Andresen has proposed the same hard fork yet another time. His latest proposal is exactly the same as the increase in "Bitcoin Classic" advocated by himself, Toomim, and serial scammer and morally bankrupt hamplanet Marshmallow Long1. As the exact same proposal has been roundly dismissed in the form of Bitcoin Classic, the chances of this gaining actual as opposed to astroturfed traction are likely the same.

  1. Long's most notable scam associations are with GAW miners and Cryptsy, but there are other smaller scams he's had his morbidly obese fingers in.  

9 thoughts on “Gavin Andresen Proposes Same Hard Fork Again

  1. You seem to be misunderstanding the intent.

    This is the BIP that is being implemented in Classic. It is not a new proposal, but a formalisation of the proposed change.

  2. seriously!
    your writings are even more retarded than this cheap ass layout.

    • I recommend you go to Africa and try loading all of the major Bitcoin news sites including Qntra, Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, Bitcoinist, the late Coinfire, et al. I'm sure you will through this experiment Qntra's layout which totally uses modern CSS has a purpose. Qntra is the only Bitcoin news outlet committed to bringing Bitcoin news to Africa.

      • I've always liked that about Qntra – that it is a no-nonsense platform where I can just get the news without having to wait hours while the page loads ads for cloud-mining scams, faucets, and other such garbage.

      • Also this is so far only site on interwebs that loads in acceptable time and completely on my bb 8820 (that has 320MHz CPU clock and some funky architecture), even b-a logs are cut after about 1/3rd.

  3. > 75% was chosen instead of 95%


    • What's the USG solution to not being able to make the cut ?

      Pretend like making the cut doesn't really matter, and random number 95 is good enough!

      And then what's the solution to not being able to make the random number it chose for itself ?

      Pretend like a lower number is just as good! Which… technically, it is, failing by 5% or by 25% is still failing.

      I wonder why the US is now a regional power of little global importance! Who could have predicted!

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