DPRK Successfully Tests Hydrogen Bomb

Dear LeaderThe Democratic People's Republic of Best Korea is reporting their successful test of a thermonuclear weapon following an 4.9 to 5.1 magnitude earthquake originating from a shallow depth at one of Best Korea's known nuclear testing sites (archived). North Korea tested their first nuclear weapon on October 9th, 2006 to alleviate doubts expressed by diplomats from other nations about their nuclear weapons status. A successful thermonuclear weapons test means that Best Korea has transitioned from an entry level membership in the Nuclear Club to a Diamond Level Nuclear Club membership.

6 thoughts on “DPRK Successfully Tests Hydrogen Bomb

  1. We'll see.

    Making a building-sized fusion weapon like Ivy Mike is not that much more difficult than making a fission weapon (which is of course really really difficult) nowadays since so much of the hard-won engineering technique has filtered into the public literature over the last 50 years. Also, most of the export-control regime is focused on creating hurdles to the initial fission weapon stage — tracking sales of bridgewire detonators and so on.

    Making a deliverable fusion weapon is a whole other ball game.

    Of course my Royal Nigerian Army already has intergalactic ion beams, so we don't need nukes.

    prince gaBANGa

    • Plenty of building-sized ships being idled by changes in trade.

      • You've got to sneak it past the coast guard to do any damage.

        Only target I see worrying about this is the Panama Canal.

        • Yeah, because totally if I were to ship it to New York as diapers or something, someone'd know. Given the alternative of either that or else a belated "nobody could have predicted", I readily see incompetent govt drones taking it 11 times out of 10. Honest.

          Please accept my preemptive condolezzances.

  2. And again: "This entry was posted in Altcoins"
    I love you, Qntra

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