Desperate Ether Huffers Turn To Spam

Spam attacks have taken place recently on reddit attempting to lure gullible Bitcoin investors to buying Ethereum token, and promoting wild Bitcoin hedging schemes involving Ether. The spam messages contain long diatribes declaring Bitcoin's failure due to miner centralization, and they conclude by begging the recipient to invest and buy Ether. This spam been sent to nearly every redditor subscribed to a Bitcoin related subreddit, and occurred shortly after Mike Hearn's recent tantrum.

Ethereum is known for its role in the Buterin's Waterfall Bitcoin shorting mechanism, a device which seems to have been exhausted. With their reserves nearly depleted, Ethereum bag huffers are looking for gullible, emotional, and panicked Bitcoin holders to voluntarily turn their Bitcoins over for their worthless Ether.

One thought on “Desperate Ether Huffers Turn To Spam

  1. I just have replied "fuck you" to that private message after read the first sentence and reported "spam". I don't like to propagate rubbish, but just for registering reason, here is the full message: private spam message from Ethereum. Try to read without laughing.

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