CoinBase Blames DDoS For Irregular Exchange Behavior

Yesterday morning after a large price decline broomstick fired partially in response to Mike Hearn's temper tantrum, Coinbase's exchange experienced a complete outage. The outage was eventually resolved and trading resumed. Brian Armstrong took to Twitter and blamed the outage on a DDoS. He is claiming the attack consumed 1 TB of bandwidth. Coinbase solicited the services of Cloudflare in late December. This mitigation service served more as a marketing tactic than as a measure to establish actual security – a lesson Coinbase seems to have yet to learn.

2 thoughts on “CoinBase Blames DDoS For Irregular Exchange Behavior

  1. Or was it?

    Considering their recent support of the "classic" flavored turd it seemed a rather opportunistic moment to play the victim card and claim DDoS attacks that never actually happened.

    Why not attempt to kill two birds with one stone: emphasize the market "panic" by refraining buyers from picking up scraps left by weak hands and get to blame Theymos & "small blockers" for it!

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