Candidates In US Denounce Oregon Liberators

United States Presidential candidates are denouncing this weekend's liberation in Oregon by valiant militia forces (archived). Members of the United State's other socialist political party including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and even Rand Paul expressed regret over the event.

  • Ted Cruz makes it clear he favors restoring a Federal garrison with:

    our prayers right now are with everyone involved in what's happening with Oregon, and especially those in law enforcement that are risking their lives

  • Marco Rubio referred to the action as lawless saying:

    You can’t be lawless. We live in a republic.

    Hard reality however shows that they actually can, and it shows they can because they did.

  • While Kasich himself proclaimed ignorance of the liberation in Oregon, a representative of his campaign authored:

    I know a good federal compound for Bundy and his gang: a U.S. penitentiary

  • Rand Paul while expressing sympathy for the cause but disavowed violence according to a Washington Post reporter for what little that is worth.

With a third of the population of the United States either supporting the idea of political violence or at least refusing to condemn it, these candidates are revealing a crucial similarity they share with President Hussein Bahamas. They, like Hussein Bahamas, know that they can't right the American ship of state. No matter who is elected this fall to replace Hussein Bahamas, the decline is going to continue.

Even as the mainstream media and other sources of hot air protest that actions like those of the liberators in Oregon "can't" be done, they are indeed done. Nearly two years after Federal forces began their siege of Clive Bundy's ranch, the property continues to be protected from federal aggression by brave militiamen. Two days after the initial liberation in Oregon it is Federal forces, their media organs, and their political masters who are in panic. What these gallant militia liberators are doing obviously can be done. No amount of social media slandering them as #YallQaeda or #VanillaISIS can magic them away and deliver all the "hope and change" promised on election night 2008.

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  1. #YallQaeda or #VanillaISIS

    Twitter, land of the cucks.

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