Networking Equipment Designated Weapon System

Reports are emerging that the United States Air Force has designated the computer networking equipment that separates its internal network from the rest of the internet a weapons system (archived). While various propaganda outlets parrot the Air Force's public relations friendly justification of the move as a merely a means to extract greater funding from legislators, this move to begin openly classifying mundane networking equipment as a form of weapons system is in concordance with United States President Hussein Bahamas' intensification of the war on computing.

California Environmentalists Fight To Save Endangered Nuclear Plant

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that an emergent environmental advocacy group has coalesced to advocate for saving the regulatorily imperilled Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant (archived). The approximately 2.2 gigawatt plant currently provides 7 to 8 percent of California's electricity. Any non-nuclear replacement for the plant would require an energy expenditure relative to output 4 to 5 times greater than replacing Diablo Canyon with another nuclear plant, and a new nuclear plant would still require a greater capital outlay than continuing to operate Diablo Canyon. With energy prices in the United States falling to a point that prohibits new capital investment, these actual environmentalists are advocating for the outcome which minimizes the price in energy to keep the lights on in California.

Article On Swedish Murder Censored In Sweden

An article in the Daily Mail on the stabbing death of student social worker Alexandra Mezher (archived) has reportedly been censored in Sweden. Users in Sweden are being redirected to a url on the Daily Mail website named /unavailable/index.html which apologizes for being "unable to find" the article. Beyond the circumstances of the murder, the Daily Mail article describes an increase in violence affecting many Swedish population centers which makes Gothenburg increasingly resemble the United States hell hole known as James Lafond Presents Baltimore.

Bank Of Japan Takes Interest Rates Negative

The Bank of Japan has introduced a negative interest rate policy a mere week after Bank Governor Haruhiko Kuroda assured the world his bank would not taking such a course of action anytime "soon" (archived). The move helped to take Bitcoin and the United States dollar higher against the yen. The euro spiked higher against the yen and then regressed.

Russian Communists Seek To Emulate United States Socialists With Asset Forfeiture

Russia Today reports that two communist legislators are trying to bring United States style asset forfeiture back into the Russian legal system as a penalty for extralegal pharmaceutical entrepreneurs (archived). Asset forfeiture which came into popularity with United States "law enforcement" with the "War on Drugs" has of course expanded to become a default punishment for all kinds of behavior the United States Government has decided is undesirable. Assumptions about asset forfeiture have become so engrained into the United States legal system that surprise was in no short supply when New Zealand rejected assertions by United States Department of "Justice" that there is nothing wrong with using asset forfeiture to deny defendants access to resources necessary to their legal defense.

Gavin Andresen Proposes Same Hard Fork Again

United States Government saboteur and hard fork advocate Gavin Andresen has proposed the same hard fork yet another time. His latest proposal is exactly the same as the increase in "Bitcoin Classic" advocated by himself, Toomim, and serial scammer and morally bankrupt hamplanet Marshmallow Long1. As the exact same proposal has been roundly dismissed in the form of Bitcoin Classic, the chances of this gaining actual as opposed to astroturfed traction are likely the same.

  1. Long's most notable scam associations are with GAW miners and Cryptsy, but there are other smaller scams he's had his morbidly obese fingers in.  

Facebook Reaches New Highs As Money Laundry Spins

Although Facebook's desktop platform is no longer providing the revenue stream that some platform investors came to expect, and even though the whole shebang is a very thinly veiled 21st century Pravda, reports are in that speculators in the jewel of the USG's social media crown have driven the firm's stock price to new heights on the back of "mobile" advertising revenues. Continue reading

Oregon Standoff Supplanted In US Media By Celebrity Drama

The stand off initiated by Federal forces to reclaim an outpost liberated by Militants has taken a violent turn with Lavoy Finicum becoming a martyr in a hail of Federal bullets and Ryan Bundy suffering a gunshot wound.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Oregon state police have begun a siege against the remaining militia's free outpost in Oregon, and an agent of the court proclaiming to speak for the captured Ammon Bundy is encouraging the remaining militia forces to surrender. Yet mainstream media outlets in the United States are trying to whip the population into a fervor over a different kind of stand off with far less at stake. Continue reading

Militia Hero Killed, Ammon Bundy And Several Others Captured

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Oregon State police killed one Militia hero and captured six members of the liberating Militia in Oregon. Lavoy Finicum was reportedly killed after Federal Forces initiated hostilities when militia members were travelling to perform community outreach in a nearby town outside the borders of the liberated zone. One of the captured Militia men was further wounded. Those reportedly captured were:

  • Ammon Bundy
  • Ryan Bundy1
  • Brian Cavalier
  • Shawna Cox
  • Ryan Payne
  • Peter Santill

Other militias remain in the liberated zone armed, and now likely at a far higher state of alert. The federal forces' local Roland Freisler has drawn up for all of the captured heroes felony charges of:

conspiracy to impede officers of the United States from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 372.

This escalation to lethal violence on the part of Federal Terrorist leader Barack Hussein Obama comes as Militia liberators were winning the war of ideas. These heroes took a peaceful stand seeking the Federal government turn away from despotism and towards its constitutional bounds. Federal forces resorted in desperation to escalating the confrontation to violence as they lacked the patience and resolve to even try winning the moral contest. Why should residents of the United States worry about any foreign threats to their life or freedom when the Federal government presents such an immediate threat?

  1. Update: Ryan Bundy was the casualty wounded by a gunshot.