Withdrawal Fees For Changetip Starting

Today social media spamming service Changetip in a bid to generate revenue from users is set to begin charging a one percent withdrawal fee. For Bitcoin withdrawals the fee is on top of any transaction fee required to commit the withdrawal transaction to the blockchain. Changetip has struggled to maintain its early momentum in light of the general human aversion to spam, and they have even gone so far as to employ a /r/Bitcoin moderator in an effort to avoid complete shunning.

4 thoughts on “Withdrawal Fees For Changetip Starting

  1. Please stop this kind of hate. We're not a spamming service. In fact, people use our service for good all the time – just ask any of the 20 charities we support via our platform, or any of the bloggers and musicians who have been delighted at receiving donations for their content.

    I'm sorry if you've experienced spam.

    The 1% withdrawal fee has always been in the plan, and has simply been prolonged for over a year now. But of course you don't focus on the awesomeness of having used a free service, you choose to focus on the fact that we're only implementing it now.
    And yes, transactions cost money to hit the blockchain. Usually anything of value costs value in return.

    We didn't "employ a(n) /r/Bitcoin moderator in an effort to avoid complete shunning" – that is just simply inaccurate. We employed BashCo because he was a ChangeTip supporter from the very early days, and we like compensating people for their time, energy and effort.

    From my personal point of view, it's sad to see such negative posts like this. The whole community seems to want bitcoin to succeed, but they lambast and throw insults at any company working hard to do it. It's a real shame.

    The Bitcoin community had a huge opportunity to help shape ChangeTip into something beautiful to use to help bitcoin adoption forward, and largely has allowed negativity to consume this possibility.


    • Sure, the fee was planned, but the news is that it kicks in now. The transaction fee to enter a block is a good thing. There was nothing negative in those first two sentences, just a statement of the facts.

      The core of the dispute seems to be whether attaching a dime or fraction of a penny to a comment otherwise devoid of content is anything other than spam. You know, many of those spam emails will actually deliver those products they advertise if you interact with them.

  2. They have 775 BTC deposited.

    15:16 ;;calc 0.01 * 775 * 430
    15:16 3332.5

    Guess they won't see a profit anytime soon.

    • …See you next time on our show, "Self-Delusional or Outright Lying?" with your contestants the Silicon Valley founders and your hosts the VCs!

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