RBG Black Rebel Sentenced For Tweeting Link And Boosting Website Traffic

Alleged Rebel But Gangster Black Rebels member Justin Payne was sentenced to 12 months in prison on a misdemeanor computer tampering charge for tweeting a link to the St. Louis County PoliceĀ  Association website which caused the site to go down as it was unequipped to handle the traffic being tweeted by the RBG Black Rebels brings. Prosecutors, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the police officer's union, and apparently even Payne's own lawyer believed this act constituted a "cyber attack" even though legitimate traffic through an effect once known as "Slashdotting" is often capable of taking down poorly provisioned websites. Payne faces a further 18 month in prison for a felony "possession of an unregistered destructive device" charge related to a Molotov cocktail allegedly found in Payne's vehicle when he was arrested at his place of employment the Veterans Affairs Records Management Center. Local and mainstream outlets have been alternatively referring to Payne's Molotov cocktail as a "fire bomb" and "improvised incendiary device" presumably to boost their own profiles since #terrorism seems to be trending in the media.

2 thoughts on “RBG Black Rebel Sentenced For Tweeting Link And Boosting Website Traffic

  1. The public accessed my public facing website, and it went down. Fucking immigrants.

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